Over the past 17 years, we have successfully inspected, installed and commissioned and Certified  Aviation Refuelling equipment for numerous clients including Airlines, Oil Companies, Offshore Oil Drilling, Production Facilities and Military Organizations.

We have also been active in the supply of Aviation ground support equipment such as Tow Tractors,  Refuelling vehicles, fire trucks, Ground Power Units, Hydraulic Power Units amongst others.

Krisanth Technologies specialises in:

  • The installation, inspection and maintenance of jet A1 Refuelling Systems.
  • Supply & maintenance of Ground support equipment
  • Supply of Spare parts for Aviation , Oil and Gas Industries
  • Helideck Inspection as per UK CAP 437 and NCAA inspection check list


More About What We Do:

  • Periodic audits of Aviation Refuelling Systems for Airports, Aerodrommes, offshore platforms and airlines
  • Risk assessment studies of airports, refuelling systems and operations, ramp operations
  • Design, installation, Maintenance and certification of aviation refuelling systems
  • Integrity Tests for Helidecks and Helipads – Friction tests, perimeter net Drop tests and Pull tests of Helicopter Tie-down Points
  • Supply and Maintenance of ground support equipment.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to develop and implement innovative and tested technologies for the management of Aviation services, construction projects and Offshore Logistics.

Our Vision

Our Vision of is to be the most dependable and cost effective company for the provision of Aviation and Construction Management technologies in Nigeria.


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